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Allow me to introduce myself....

Hey everyone, My names Nikki, I've been a fan Of Iggy for a few years now, and it never crossed my mind until today that there might acutally be a community for him. :)

I'd have to say I like his earlier stuff much better, especially his stuff with the stooges.

My fave Iggy album is probably Raw Power and Lust for life, Tied for second place are Fun House, and The Idiot.

Favorite song...? Hmmm....I really, really love Gimmie Danger, The passanger, neighbourhood threat. I also really love his version of china girl, I can never deside weather i like his or bowie's version better, but Iggys is so raw, and so dark it just seems more appropriate.

anyways that's me. Look forward to talking to all of you. :)

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